How to care for your Kalamarie accessories.

All our products are crafted by hand. Irregularities in the leather and/or any color unevenness are natural features of the skin.

  • Caring for your croc and/or leather accessories

It may surprise you, but, crocodile skin does not respond well to prolonged moisture. It may crack or bubble if thus exposed. To avoid damage:-

Try to keep your accessory from prolonged moisture, such as heavy rainfall or submersion in fluids. If it does get wet, please dry it immediately with paper towels, in the case of handbags, pack loosely with non-coloured paper and allow it to dry indoors, at room temperature.

Do not expose your accessory to prolonged direct heat or sunlight, as the color of the leather may mutate and in so doing, it may not change pleasingly or evenly.

We provide cotton dustbags with all our products. When you are not using your accessory, please allow it to rest in its dustbag, where it will be safely protected from humidity, dust and/or any potential scratches or friction marks.

  • Caring for your textile and leather accessories

We work with a variety of textiles, including cotton-and-polyester velvet, canvas and artisanal fabrics. In most cases, the accessory will be trimmed and/or lined with leather or croc.

Should your accessory become wet, do not place it in a dryer. Take a neutral-coloured microfiber towel and blot the outside of the bag until it is as dry as it will go, and then air at room temperature until completely dry.

Do not squeeze or wring the accessory.

If you wish to clean your accessory, use a microfiber damp cloth at room-temperature.

For velvet products, you may wish to use sparkling water to dampen the cloth.

It is extremely important that velvet be cleaned gently if wet, to avoid crushing and marking the material. Blot dry as quickly as ever possible.

If in doubt, please do feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you on how best to clean or treat your product.